Which Of The 3 Ladies Are You? (You’re Going To Be Surprised…) | Get The Chap

Which Of These 3 Women Are You? (You’re Going To Be Surprised…) | Get The Guy

Which Of Those 3 Ladies Are You? (You Will Be Surprised…)

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52 Responds to “Which Of These 3 Ladies Are You? (You Will End Up Surprised…)”

  • A.


    I am not sure if I’m comfy, nice, or great. But I Understand I’M IRON WOMAN!



  • Laura


    Matt, this will be mind-blowing! 🙂

  • azza


    you are very good looking and nice 🙂

    i have mo remark merely this 😉

  • Nicole


    Hi Matthew. Your video clip forced me to unfortunate however in an effective way sort of! when I cannot feel alone. Possibly countless ladies do juggle with different caps on! I thought it actually was just myself.

    I used to be potential, I was prospective. Now You will find marks, that we’m working with and I became all those 3 females folded into one. I’m stuck and I believe it’s because of narcissistic punishment in an exceedingly extended commitment. This isn’t always an area you realize a lot about but I bet lots of the fans perform and would love to notice your own suggestions about how-to break free. Its a place of limbo. Guess what happens to complete but you can’t rather get right to the opposite side.

    Prefer N x

  • Ana


    This is actually a video!i recently finished “have the man” publication and I also can see brand new items that can cause the love life issues. Thank you Matthew for all you support, because since I have’ve began seeing the films and after reading the book my entire life changed in a great way! Continue the favorable work! 🙂

  • Mandy


    Strong video clip Matt! Perchance you can ad a fourth lady. The lady that is conscious she’s a mix of al three regarding the ladies, but instead of splitting from them, she views herself as a problematic person and analyses herself day in day out untill she eventually ends up burnout (me). Or hold off, possibly that is comfort+perfection too.. 😉 extremely interested in learning working out!

    P.S. Love the main points in your neckband blazer

  • Mary


    Quite interesting movie. I actually thought it was another type of lady in each ‘type’. How you feel reflects in your look. Prior to the video clip, I decided I found myself all three – but even more a mixture of 2 & 3. Admitting really a-start, i suppose. Looking forward to witnessing the video clip. 🙂

  • Snehal


    Hello Matthew,

    This video was really very helpful…please keep giving these types of awesome videos…

  • Ann


    Oh. My. God. You’ve just knocked me personally back in my seat. I’m a phenomenal lady but I haven’t had the opportunity to keep a reliable companion the past a couple of years after my personal last longterm relationship. This movie delivered every thing into focus. AND, it helped me recognize that the long-lasting interactions I experienced in the past, fundamentally failed simply because they happened to be together with the kind of men who were able to erupt these behaviors in me. Specifically magnetic, requiring and likely narcissistic. At the very least today, I know that I’m not prepared to accept that sort of guy anymore. But i am nevertheless caught in old behavior routine which will keep me personally attracting that same method of figure. This video clip delivered every thing house. Wow. However just what? I’m Sure just what never to carry out….

    1. Merely hold off Ann. I will be disclosing all about the At-Home Retreat system with my incredible brand-new bonuses across the then couple days. Cannot watch for one grab the trip around!

  • Susan


    I am thinking about cor self-confidence

    1. Might love the At-Home Retreat Susan. It’s the most extensive program I actually ever made for getting unshakeable key self-confidence!

  • Kerry-Ann



    Maintains stating there clearly was an error as I just be sure to download the getcoreconfidence.com

  • Shilan

  • Hi! Many thanks for the wonder of obtaining you inside existence as a coach, as a person pal, as a bravery cardiovascular system, so when a genuine exemplory instance of what Im seeking to be in order to find as somebody in daily life.

    Their incredible the quantity of love, planning, comfort and delight you shoot in each of your speeches and videos

    many thanks again to make myself smile but also for activate an entire means of self-awareness

    desire to satisfy you one day,


    1. Which means a great deal to me and my personal group – helps make every work we carry out worth it. Thank you so much Michelle.

      Matt x

  • Terri


    Interesting video and I also will say I’m some all three, yet the past few years a reduced amount of the great when I don’t put my self into situations where discover a possible for dating. I’m too-old for internet dating dramas so select convenience far more appealing at my get older! It really is unfortunate you might say, but there must be a spot whenever you can gracefully acknowledge beat and obtain on with living their existence. :o)

  • Leah


    You got almost everything figured out you should not ya 😉 in addition will you be single? And in which would you stay anyhow? 😀

  • This really good movie amazing ,. Lust simply regarding minute, but really love is actually permanently. I would like a person within my life to love me personally. But not to lust me personally

    1. Jameson Jordan


      The good news Evelyn is the fact that it starts with you. Figure out how to love your self- treat yourself with the value you deserve- everything else employs. As Matt claims “The battle is obtained while you are still single.” The Retreat system is the best companion in winning that struggle, in constructing a pleasurable, satisfying life. 🙂

  • Andree


    Great video right here. I’d say that often we all have been one and also at some days our company is (when you reveal) all three more often than we want to acknowledge. The thought of having confidence whenever matchmaking, specifically if you are nervous about obtaining back in the scene or have already been injured plus don’t need to undergo that once more is a thing i do believe we can all take advantage of! (by-the-way — the hyperlink to GetCoreConfidence would like to arise as a
    http://www livejasmin comn.
    , at least in Chrome browser).

  • Jenny


    Matt you might be an inspiration & just amazing at what you do. I really like the Core esteem movie. It’s really easy to allow the self-confidence getting chipped out, bit by bit, by existence many of the people with it but more difficult to create it back up once more.

    Thanks a lot a whole lot x

  • Tash


    You will find purchased your own product(s) & thank you so much really for gifting the understanding of ‘a people’s head’. My personal connection is productive – but Im confident to maneuver on when needed: equipped with the various tools that Matt provides!

    Your merchandise work!

    Thank-you Matt!

  • Zina M


    hi matthew, I became after you on twitter for over five years (it indicates since my first connection!) but unfortunately I found myselfn’t enjoying exactly what are you stating all of your movies and blog sites I happened to be checking out enjoying all of them but i nvr get them! the majority of time once I was actually checking out or viewing all of them i was making enjoyable of what exactly are you saying and the majority of of my personal reactions was like (oh come-on for goodness benefit!),But before several months from now i observed and I also browse and I also was actually regret that i didnt really determine what you might be wanting to state, and that I was actually thinking if only I recently really heard what you are actually trying to say I would end up being save my personal connection or among the other relationships that i’d later! i’m sure I can not change the previous but at the very least I am able to replace the present-time and these couple of months that we watched and read your own videos and blog sites actually changed me. thank you so much and many thanks for all group for what you do!

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