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United States Michigan Consumer Sentiment

Besides his extensive derivative trading expertise, Adam is an expert in economics and behavioral finance. Adam received his master’s in economics from The New School for Social Research and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in sociology. He is a CFA charterholder as well as holding FINRA Series 7, 55 & 63 licenses. He currently researches and teaches economic sociology and the social studies of finance at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Along with the improved outlook on general conditions, survey respondents displayed more confidence that inflation is coming down.

The Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index is another key indicator designed to illustrate the average U.S. consumer’s confidence level. This indicator is important to retailers, economists, and investors, and its rise and fall has historically helped predict economic expansions and contractions. Half of surveyed consumers mentioned pricier gas during the university’s interviews, up from 30% in May and just 13% in June 2021, Hsu said. Respondents also expect pump prices to rise about 25 cents per gallon over the next year, doubling the May outlook and the second-largest expected price hike since 2015. The University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index cratered to 50.2 from 58.4 in an early June reading, according to a Friday report.

  1. The Friday report paints a bleak picture for the future of the economic recovery.
  2. The Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index is another key indicator designed to illustrate the average U.S. consumer’s confidence level.
  3. At the same time, the survey’s index of current conditions also leaped higher, rising to 83.3, or 21.6% higher than a year ago.

“While consumer spending has remained robust so far, the broad deterioration of sentiment may lead them to cut back on spending and thereby slow down economic growth,” Hsu said. Please review the copyright information in the series notes before sharing. We’ll give credit to Evercore strategist Julian Emanuel, for a note published Tuesday morning but usually written the night before, for this chart which he called China’s “national fate line” being breached. He asked forex technical analysis whether a policy response for the ailing stock market would be forthcoming, as a report says it will be. Using a three-month average to smooth things out, there have only been 12 instances since 1978 when there’s been at least a 4-point rise in the University of Michigan consumer sentiment index, excluding consecutive readings. Preliminary January data from the University of Michigan survey suggested that consumer confidence is back at summer 2021 levels.

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They increasingly expect inflation to continue its descent, preliminary data indicates, and they think interest rates will soon moderate. Consumer sentiment has improved amid a drop in gasoline prices and solid stock market gains. The price at the pump for a gallon of regular gas is about 30 cents lower than it was a year ago, according to AAA, and the S&P 500 is near a record high.

Understanding the Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index (MCSI)

Each survey contains approximately 50 core questions, and each respondent is contacted again for another survey six months after completing the first one. The preliminary report is generally released during the middle of the month and covers survey responses collected in the first two weeks of the month. The final report is released at the end of the month and covers the full month. Whether the sentiment is optimistic, pessimistic, or neutral, the survey signals information about near-term consumer spending plans. The survey queries consumers on their views of their own personal finances, as well as the short-term and long-term state of the U.S. economy. The Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index has provided a relatively accurate forecast of future consumer confidence and spending for the past several decades.

Though not as bad as the New York Empire State index, the most recent Philly Fed reading was negative 10.6. Embed United States University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Chart or Data Table in your website or Share this chart and data table with your friends. The survey is “another sign that the economy is on track for a soft landing,” said Andrew Hunter, deputy chief economist at Capital Economics.


Low approval ratings and rock-bottom consumer confidence figures have dogged President Biden for months now, a worrying sign for the White House as the country enters a presidential election year. The Friday report paints a bleak picture for the future of the economic recovery. Consumer spending counts for about 70% of economic activity, making it a crucial ingredient for bringing the US back to pre-pandemic health. Forty-six percent of surveyed consumers linked their pessimism to elevated inflation, Joanne Hsu, director of the university’s Surveys of Consumers, said in the report. That’s up from 38% in May and the second-largest share since 1981, when inflation last trended so high. Americans are feeling more confident about the economy than they have in years, by some measures.

Not only have Americans had it with today’s economy, they aren’t very hopeful that things will get better. The consumer confidence measures were devised in the late 1940s by Professor George Katona at the University of Michigan. They have now developed into an ongoing, nationally representative survey based on telephonic household interviews.

For example, there were three months of plus-four-point gains for consumer sentiment starting in August 1980, a month after the recession ended, as dated by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The Philly Fed reading for that first month was -39.4, though it moved up to +24.7 by October. Kyla Scanlon, the Bloomberg columnist who coined the term vibecession to refer to the historically depressed consumer sentiment in the face of solid economic data, has declared that phenomenon is now over. “Consumer views were supported by confidence that inflation has turned a corner and strengthening income expectations,” Hsu said. Data out earlier Friday morning showed inflation unexpectedly speeding up in May to a year-over-year pace of 8.6%. The uptick was largely powered by skyrocketing energy prices, with the cost of gasoline and fuel oil both surging last month.

University of Michigan: Consumer Sentiment (UMCSENT) – US stock futures were trading in negative territory during Sunday’s evening deals, following a mixed week for benchmark averages amid mixed inflation data and major financial earnings… Monitor Market dynamics, Economies & Risk across financial assets, countries &
business sectors affecting your business or investments. The University of Michigan’s Survey of Consumers showed a reading of 78.8 for January, its highest level since July 2021 and up 21.4% from a year ago. That followed a big jump in December and comes despite public opinion surveys showing concern about the nation’s direction.

United States University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Analytics & Data

Consumers have grown more confident about the direction of the economy and inflation at the onset of 2024, despite persistent worries about a looming slowdown, a survey released on Friday showed. What makes this instance unique, however, is that corporate America is anything but happy. To measure that, MarketWatch compared the periods in which there were gains of at least 4 points to the long-running Philadelphia Federal Reserve manufacturing series.

The report countered hopes that inflation had peaked in March and signaled it will likely be harder than initially expected to slow price growth. But political scientists, consumer sentiment experts and economists alike said it was too early for Democrats to take a victory lap around the latest economic data and confidence figures. Plenty of economic risks remain that could derail the apparent progress. In fact, models that try to predict election outcomes based on economic data currently point to a tossup come November. MacroVar monitors global financial markets and economies using advanced Data Analytics. Sign up Free to manage your investments, trading & business strategy using MacroVar data analytics tools and historical data access.

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